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Cougar Club Membership Information

Welcome to the Cougar Club

The Cougar Club is the official booster organization for BYU Athletics. Although BYU is sponsored by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the Athletic Department receives no funding from the church. No tithing or tax dollars are used for BYU Athletics. The Athletic Department is responsible for raising all necessary funds to run the department, including, but not limited to: student-athlete scholarships, coaching salaries, as well as facility and program costs for each of BYU's 21 team sports.

Your membership in the BYU Cougar Club makes a difference in the quality of athletics at BYU. Brigham Young University is establishing itself as a national power in athletics, but we cannot accomplish this goal without the generous support of the Cougar Club. Your assistance helps each of our athletic programs achieve excellence and compete for national championships.

Any gift to any area of BYU Athletics counts toward your Cougar Club membership. Join or renew now by clicking the level of membership below.

Because of potential tax deductions, as well as other tangible and intangible benefits associated with donations to BYU Athletics, the Cougar Club generally does not offer refunds. If you have questions, please contact the Cougar Club Office at 801-422-2583.

The BYU Cougar Club is a division of Brigham Young University, a qualifying 501(c)3 organization


Annual Membership Contributions
Membership Level Annual Contribution
Y Fan $60       Join Now / Renew
Regular Cougar $125     Join Now / Renew
Bronze Cougar $250     Join Now / Renew
Silver Cougar $600     Join Now / Renew
Golden Cougar $1,250  Join Now / Renew
Platinum Cougar $2,500   Join Now / Renew


One Time and Annual Renewal Contributions
Membership Level One-time Contribution Annual Renewal
Legacy I $10,000    Join Now $1,250   Renew
Legacy II $25,000    Join Now $1,500   Renew
Legacy III $50,000    Join Now $2,000   Renew
Legacy IV $100,000  Join Now $2,500   Renew
Legacy V $250,000  Join Now $3,000   Renew
Legacy VI $500,000  Join Now $3,500   Renew
Athletic Directors Circle $1,000,000  Join Now  


Annual Membership Levels
  Platinum Golden Cougar Silver Cougar Bronze Cougar Regular Cougar Y Fan
Annual Gift $2,500 $1,250 $600 $250 $125 $60
Football Priority Seating

12 Seats

(up to 6 chairs)

12 Seats

(up to 6 chairs)

12 Seats

(up to 4 chairs)

12 Seats

(up to 2 chairs)

12 Seats

(up to 2 chairs)

12 Seats

(up to 2 chairs)

Membership Card Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Cougar Club Gift Blanket Laptop Bag Nike Hat Team Poster    
Athletic Parking Passes* Yes Yes Yes Yes    
Football Tailgate Tent Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Basketball Priority Seating Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Hall of Fame Banquet** 2 Free Tickets 2 Free Tickets 2 Free Tickets      


Legacy Membership Levels
  AD Circle Legacy VI Legacy V Legacy IV Legacy III Legacy II Legacy I
One-Time Present-Value Gift $1,000,000 $500,000 $250,000 $100,000 $50,000 $25,000 $10,000
Annual Gift   $3,500 $3,000 $2,500 $2,000 $1,500 $1,250
Fooball Priority Seating

12 Seats

(up to 12 chairs)

12 Seats

(up to 12 chairs)

12 Seats

(up to 10 chairs)

12 Seats

(up to 8 chairs)

12 Seats

(up to 6 chairs)

12 Seats

(up to 6 chairs)

12 Seats

(up to 6 chairs)

Free Admission to Olympic Sports

(Immediate family only)

Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Athletic Parking Passes* Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Football Tailgate Tent Yes Yes Yes


Yes Yes Yes
Basketball Priority Seating Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Hall of Fame Banquet** 2 Free Tickets 2 Free Tickets 2 Free Tickets 2 Free Tickets 2 Free Tickets 2 Free Tickets 2 Free Tickets
Priority Away-Game Seating Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

*Determined by membership level

**Limited availability


All Annual and Legacy Membership Levels Include:

  • Cougar Club Electronic Newsletter
  • Opportunities to purchase Priority Seating for home events, post-season basketball tournaments, away games, and bowl game
  • Tax deduction
  • Luncheons with BYU coaches and athletes
  • Y-Awards Invitation
  • Club travel privileges
  • Discounts on exclusive BYU merchandise and commemorative memorabilia
  • BYU sticker and license plate holder

Out-of-State Members Also Receive:

  • Opportunity to purchase individual home game football tickets in priority locations
  • Parking for individual games (Bronze Cougar or higher, based on availability) when visiting Provo on game days
  • Football and Basketball Media Guides                     

Legacy Membership Levels

Donors who make cash or deferred gifts with a present-value of $10,000 or more qualify for the Legacy Program and receive exclusive benefits, including the best available seating at LaVell Edwards Stadium and the Marriott Center. Instead of cash gifts, some Legacy donors choose to leverage their financial planning (securities, trusts, bequests, wills, life insurance, etc.) to ensure BYU's continued athletic success.

As new members of the Cougar Club join at the Legacy Level they will receive a one-time welcome gift.  Currently New Legacy Members will receive a bronze cougar statue that is a miniature version of the monument in the Student Athlete Building.

Membership Cards

Each club member is mailed a membership card, please check your card and make sure it is correct.  The membership card will allow you to attend events based on your membership level.  The membership card will also have your membership number on it; this number is also the number of your ticketing account.  Please use this number when ordering tickets either online or directly with the Ticket Office.  Using this number will ensure that you will receive your Cougar Club priority.

Legacy Card:

Legacy Member’s cards are used just like the membership cards for all members except they also allow Legacy Members and their families to attend any home Olympic sporting event with your immediate family (donor, spouse, and unmarried children living at home). 

Legacy Wall

With their permission, each Legacy Member will be honored on the Legacy Wall that is located on the  third floor of the Student Athletic Building.  The wall is updated annually, which allows Legacy Donors to opt-in or opt-out as they prefer.  Legacy Members who do not want to be included can opt-out by calling the Cougar Club Office.

Football, Baseball, Men's Basketball, Soccer, & Men's and Women's Volleyball Season Ticket Selection Priority

Club Members receive the opportunity to select and purchase season tickets for many sports according to their Club Membership level.  Within each membership level, the order in which Club Members select their season tickets is based on Priority Points, which are calculated as follows:

  • 1 point for each dollar donated to the Cougar Club
  • 100 points for each year of continuous season ticket purchase for football and men’s basketball
  • 500 points for each East Club seat purchased 2003-2015 (football)
  • 1000 points for each Legacy Club seat ever purchased (football)
  • 2000 points for each Courtside seat ever purchased (men’s basketball)
  • Additional points may be provided for licensing a Loge, participating in Cougar Club/Athletic Auctions, or other activiites.

To see your current Priority Points click here.

Parking Benefits:

Active Cougar Club members at the Bronze Membership level and higher who purchase season football or basketball tickets will be mailed a season parking pass.  Parking passes in Cougar Club Lots are issued based on membership level and parking capacity.

Many Ways to Give

There is a membership level for every budget—all you need is a desire to help. Options for Athletic Gifts include

  • Cash Gifts—Checks should be made payable to BYU Cougar Club.
  • Credit Cards—Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover Card are accepted.
  • Matching Gifts—Many employers will match employees' charitable gifts to BYU. You could double or even triple your gifts to the Cougar Club with matching funds and receive the benefits associated with the amount of the total donation.
  • Gifts in Kind—The Cougar Club accepts certain gifts that help alleviate overhead costs and which are beneficial to our office, the BYU Athletic Department, or our members.
  • Estate Gifts and Trusts—Other forms of giving include charitable remainder trusts, real estate, securities, and estate gifts. Members who include BYU in their will or trust bless the program through their generosity.
  • Direct Bank Withdrawal—The Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) system makes supporting the BYU Cougar Club as simple and convenient as possible. Through EFT, you can authorize your bank the transfer of a specified amount from your checking account or credit card to the Club on a monthly basis. This may be easier on your monthly budget, but add, up to considerable support over time.

Tax Implications

Donations or gifts to charitable organizations like BYU may potentially provide substantial tax advantages and/or income benefits. We would be pleased to provide professional assistance to help you craft your gift to BYU Athletics. In calculating the possible impact of a gift to BYU Athletics on your taxes and other financial planning, including the effect of all applicable tax laws, BYU Athletics urges all Cougar Club Members to consult with their tax advisors and other financial professionals.

"The Right to Buy a Ticket"

Tax legislation effective January of 2018 eliminated the ability to write off a portion of the any gift for which an Athletic Donor receives the right to buy a ticket in athletic venues. The full implications of these new laws are not fully known.

BYU will send information about seating benefits that may reduce your charitable contribution in the year-end disclosures required by the IRS. Donations given in excess of the amount required for various seating areas may be tax deductible less the value any tangible benefits the Donor received (or had the right to receive).

"Tangible Benefits"

The fair market value of any benefits Cougar Club Members receive as a direct result of an Athletic donation must be deducted from the amount of a contribution that might otherwise be tax deductible. As required by the IRS, the Cougar Club sends each member an annual Disclosure Statement that includes the values of Cougar Club benefit Donors may have received.  In computing your tax benefit for charitable contributions to the Cougar Club, you should subtract the value of any benefits you received from the total amount of your membership dues and other contributions as well as subtracting any amount not tax deductible because it was required for the right to purchase a ticket. The annual benefits schedule will detail gifts you may have received as you joined the Cougar Club, as well as on-going events or benefits available to Club Members because of their donations, for example:

  • Nike Hat (one time only, new Silver Members) $10
  • Embroidered Attache Bag (one time only, Platinum and Golden Members) $19
  • Turning Point desk memento (one time only, Legacy Donors) $375
  • Media Guides for football and basketball, $8 each
  • Club luncheons, $5 per person, per luncheon

This information will be sent to Club Members on or before January 31 of each year to assist in the filing of taxes; it will also be available on the Cougar Club website. For questions regarding Cougar Club benefits, please contact the Cougar Club Office at 801-422-2583. For questions regarding how your benefits influence what portion, if any, of your Athletic contributions may be tax deductible, please consult with your tax advisor.

Important Numbers & Contact Information

Cougar Club Office 801-422-2583

Marriot Center Ticket Office: 800-322-2981