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Financial Aid

Terms and Conditions

Brigham Young University offers grant-in-aid, scholarships, and/or financial aid to select student-athletes which can cover some or all of tuition, room & board, books and/or cost of attendance expenses. Student-athletes must meet all BYU, West Coast Conference (WCC) and NCAA eligibility requirements in order to receive financial aid for athletics.

Tuition: If a student-athlete is awarded full-tuition, they do not need to make any payment for tuition. If the student-athlete receives partial tuition, they are required to pay the balance of their tuition 7 calendar days before classes begin. They can pay online with an e-check or credit card through My Financial Center. For further instructions on how to make an e-payment, you can visit here

Room and Board: If a student-athlete is awarded a room and board amount and they are living on campus, the Athletic Department will pay that amount directly to the housing office. If the student-athlete is living off campus, they will receive the amount in equal monthly payments payable on the first school day of each month.

Cost of Attendance Stipend: If a student-athlete is awarded a cost of attendance stipend, they will receive the amount in equal monthly payments payable on the first day of each month. 

Books: Student-athletes receiving a book allowance should go directly to the information desk at the BYU Store with their books and let the staff know they are a student-athlete. At the end of each semester, student-athletes are responsible to return books to the Academic Center.

All student-athletes on a full or partial athletics scholarship may receive their scholarship for one year. Scholarships letters are sent out by July 1st each year for the next academic year. A coach can renew, reduce, or not renew athletic aid for any reason from year to year.

Athletics scholarships may be reduced or canceled during the period of the award if a student-athlete:

  • Renders himself or herself ineligible for intercollegiate competition in any manner, which may include failure to meet academic requirements, signing with an agent, or any other act which would make a student-athlete ineligible.
  • Voluntarily quits the team.
  • Provides any fraudulently information on an application, letter of intent, or financial aid agreement.
  • Engages in serious misconduct in violation of the law, NCAA rules, WCC rules and/or BYU rules.

Athletics scholarships may not be reduced or cancelled during the period of the award on the basis of:

  • A student-athlete's athletics ability, performance, or contribution to a team's success.
  • An injury that prevents the recipient from participating in intercollegiate athletics.
  • Any other athletics related reason.

Anytime a student-athlete's scholarship is reduced or cancelled, NCAA Bylaw 15 requires a student-athlete be notified in writing of the opportunity for a hearing.

Fifth-year athletics aid may be available to scholarship student-athletes who have completed their eligibility in four years. For more information regarding fifth-year financial aid, please contact the Compliance Office.

Countable and Non-Countable Aid

What is ‘countable' aid? Every sport is given a scholarship limit by the NCAA, and there are several instances in which an athlete's financial aid can ‘count' against that limit. An athlete's aid counts against the team's total scholarship limit if:

  • He/she receives grant-in-aid from the athletic team.
  • He/she receives outside aid for which athletics was a major criterion and the awarding individual is a booster of BYU Athletics or the awarding individual restricts the college choice of the recipient.
  • He/she receives an institutional scholarship that is not solely based on academics.
  • He/she receives education expenses from an Olympic committee or national governing body.

NOTE There are exceptions when the aid listed above wouldn't count against a team, such as when an athlete is considered medically unable to participate; however, in most cases these rules hold true.

What is ‘non-countable' aid? 

  • Federal financial aid, such as Pell, along with federal (Stafford) loans, do not count against a team's limit.
  • Institutional scholarships (i.e., awarded by the BYU Scholarship Office or individual colleges/departments) that are solely based on academics.
  • Parent-tuition benefits, available to children of BYU employees, have the potential to count until the parent has been employed at BYU for 5 years, depending on whether the athlete is receiving aid from his/her athletic team.
  • Awards from outside organizations, such as a local Elks club or a corporation, even if they are based on athletics in any degree are considered non-countable as long as the individual donating the aid is not a booster of BYU Athletics and they do not restrict the choice of institution for the recipient.

Given the various circumstances and exceptions, it is important that athletes accurately report all sources of financial aid.

Can ‘non-countable' aid ever become ‘countable' aid? In a word, yes. There are times when aid that normally wouldn't count – such as a scholarship from a department – will count because an athlete is receiving aid from the team. Again, a number of factors are included in determining the ‘countability' of any type of aid, so coaches & athletes should always check with the Compliance Office before assuming that any kind of aid will or will not count.