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Athletic Personnel (Bylaw 11)

Athletically Related Outside Income Form
Coaching Staff Declaration (MFB)
Coaching Staff Declaration (Sports Other than Football)
Coaching Staff Declaration (Track & Field/Cross Country)
Manager Form
Noncoaching Sport-Specific Staff Agreement
Outside Camps & Clinics Form
Strength Staff Agreement
Strength Staff Declaration
Student Assistant Coach Agreement
Volunteer Coach Agreement
Head Coach Responsibility

Responsibilities of Division I Head Coaches--NCAA Resource

Head Coach Responsibility--Acknowledgment Form
Head Coach Responsibility-- BYU Overview
Head Coach Responsibility--Checklist
Head Coach Responsibility--Meeting Documentation

















Amateurism (Bylaw 12)

Fee-for-Lesson Form
Outside Competition Form
Promotional Activities Form
Signed Memorabilia Form
Student-Athlete Employment Form







Recruiting (Bylaw 13)

Affirmation of Recruiting Compliance
NLI Profile
Official Visit Profile/Declaration of Interest
On-Campus Evaluations (Men's Basketball)
Phone Log
Prospect Declaration and Survey
Student Host Instructions and Receipts
Unofficial Visit Record


Eligibility (Bylaw 14)

Tryout Form


Financial Aid (Bylaw 15)

Change of Status Form


Awards, Benefits, & Expenses for Student-Athletes (Bylaw 16)

Awards & Benefits Form
Gift-in-Kind Form
Occasional Meal Form
Prospect in Locale of Institution
Statement of SA Vehicle Information


Playing & Practice Seasons (Bylaw 17)

Countable Athletically Related Activities Log
Foreign Tour Form
Playing & Practice Declaration (132 Day)
Playing & Practice Declaration (144 Day)
Playing & Practice Declaration (156 Day)
Playing & Practice Declaration (Baseball)
Playing & Practice Declaration (Basketball)