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Camps & Clinics

Camps and clinics owned and operated by BYU coaches are independent ventures. However, under NCAA rules, any camp or clinic that is owned or operated by a BYU staff member is, by definition, a "BYU sports camp or instructional clinic". As such, all camps and clinics conducted by BYU coaches or staff must be operated in compliance with all NCAA and WCC regulations and must be well-organized and well-documented.

A camp or clinic that meets the definition of an institutional sports camp or clinic shall be open to any and all entrants, limited only by number and age. An institution, members of its staff or representatives of its athletics interests shall not employ or give free or reduced admission privileges to a high school (i.e., grades 9-12) preparatory school or two-year college athletics award winner.

Employment of BYU Department of Athletics Staff Members in Non-institutional/Private Sports Camp or Clinic

  • No Department of Athletics staff member may be employed, either on a salaried or a volunteer basis, by a camp or clinic that is established, sponsored, or conducted by an individual or organization that provides recruiting or scouting services concerning prospects.

General Rule:

  • Except for basketball athletics department staff, athletics department staff may serve in any capacity (e.g., counselor, guest lecturer, consultant) in a non-institutional, privately owned camp or clinic, provided the camp or clinic is operated in accordance with restrictions applicable to institutional camps (e.g., open to any and all entrants, no free or reduced admission to or employment of athletics award winners). In the sport of football, participation in such camps/clinics is limited to the months of June and July.
  • An institution's basketball coach and non-coaching staff members may be employed only at their OWN camps/clinics.

BYU coaches planning to own or operate a camp outside of BYU Sports Camps must fill out the "Camps and Clinics" form. Please see the link to the "Camps & Clinics" form below or see the Compliance Office.

Employment of BYU Student-Athletes in Institutional Sports Camp or Clinic

A student-athlete who is employed in any sports camp or clinic must meet the following requirements:

  • Must perform duties that are of general supervisory character in addition to any coaching or officiating assignments.
  • Compensation received shall be commensurate with the going rate for camp or clinic counselors of like teaching ability and camp or clinic experience and may not be received on the basis of the value the person may have for the employer because of the athletics reputation or fame the person has achieved.
  • May not receive compensation if only lecturing or demonstrating.
  • May not be permitted to conduct own camp or clinic.
  • May not participate in organized practice activities other than during the institution's playing season in that sport.
  • Director of Athletics must give prior approval.

NCAA bylaw 13.12 provides more information on rules and regulations regarding camps and clinics.