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Awards & Benefits

An extra benefit is defined as any special arrangement provided by coaches, staff, or boosters to a student-athlete, or a prospective student-athlete that is not generally available to students or prospective students at Brigham Young University. Athletes may become permanently ineligible for NCAA athletics if they receive any extra benefits based on their athletics ability or reputation.

The following is a non-exhaustive list of benefits that student-athletes or prospective student-athletes may not receive:

  • Free or reduced-cost services of any kind (e.g., airline tickets, clothing, meals)
  • Cash
  • Providing or co-signing of loans
  • Use of an institutional or staff member's vehicle
  • Holiday or birthday presents
  • Merchandise (car, clothing, cell-phones, etc.)
  • Personal use of copy machines, fax machines, or long distance telephone calls

NCAA Bylaw 16 limits the types and values of awards that may be provided to student-athletes in recognition for outstanding athletic and/or academic accomplishment. Student-athletes receiving benefits not expressly authorized by NCAA legislation will have their eligibility adversely impacted.