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Can I Help Student-Athletes?

While we are appreciative of everything our boosters do for our athletic programs, providing help to our student-athletes could cause severe consequences on their eligibility.  Please be careful not to provide any type of extra benefit to a student-athlete or their family/friends.

An extra benefit is any special arrangement provided to a student-athlete or their family/friends that is not authorized by NCAA rules.  Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Cash or gifts
  • Use of personal property (e.g., boats, summer homes, cars, phones)
  • Discounts on purchases (e.g., tickets, clothing)
  • Discounts on services (e.g., dental/medical services, automotive services, laundry)
  • Arranging, providing or co-signing on a loan
  • Meals at restaurants or groceries
  • Clothing or equipment
  • Free or reduced cost housing

Occasional Meals

Student-athletes may be invited to the home of a booster on an infrequent basis to have an “occasional meal.”  These meals may only be provided in the home of a booster (as opposed to a restaurant) and may be catered.  All occasional meals must receive prior approval by the BYU Compliance Office.


Boosters may employ current student-athletes as long as they are being paid the going rate and are being compensated only for work actually performed.  All employment arrangements must be approved through the BYU Compliance Office.

Together, BYU and its boosters have made the athletic department a great success.  Please don’t hesitate to contact the BYU Compliance Office with any questions.