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Every person, from fan to student-athlete, plays an important role in complying with NCAA rules.  BYU is held responsible by the NCAA for the actions of its boosters.  If a booster commits a violation, BYU may be subject to penalties from the NCAA.  Who is a booster, you ask?  If you are reading this, chances are, YOU ARE A BOOSTER! 

A “representative of BYU’s athletics interests” (booster) is someone who has ever:

  • Been a member of an organization promoting BYU Athletics (e.g., Cougar Club).
  • Contributed to the Athletic Department or its booster organizations.
  • Made any financial contributions to any area of BYU.
  • Assisted in the recruitment of prospects for BYU.
  • Provided benefits (e.g., summer jobs or occasional meals) to prospects, enrolled student-athletes or their family.
  • Been a season ticket holder in any sport at BYU at any time.
  • Promoted the athletics program at BYU in any other way.

Remember, once you become a booster, you retain that identity indefinitely.

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