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Q:  As an agent, what do I need to do in order to contact a student-athlete at BYU?

A:  All athletic agents must register with the Compliance Office prior to contacting any student-athlete of BYU. Severe repercussions are possible for violation of this rule, both to the agent and to the student-athlete. The State of Utah has passed legislation governing athletic agents. If you are interested in contacting a football student-athlete, please see the Football Agent Policy below.


Utah Agent Law

Utah state law and BYU policy place significant restrictions on the terms and conditions under which a prospective agent may interact with a BYU student-athlete.

For more information regarding the Utah Uniform Athlete Agents Act and BYU policy please contact the BYU Compliance Office.

  1. All agents wishing to communicate in any way with a student-athlete with remaining intercollegiate athletics eligibility are required to hold an Athlete Agent License (hereinafter “License”) in the state of Utah. Prior to obtaining a License, an individual may not communicate with a student-athlete with remaining intercollegiate athletics ability in any manner designed to recruit or solicit the student-athlete to enter into an agency contract.
  2. BYU requires that all agents wishing to communicate in any way with a student-athlete with remaining intercollegiate athletics eligibility register with the BYU Compliance Office prior to such contact. Thereafter, all communication with the student-athlete or their family must receive prior approval from the Compliance Office. In addition, in order to safeguard the integrity of its intercollegiate athletics programs, BYU respectfully requests that inquiries regarding student-athletes with remaining intercollegiate athletics eligibility not be made during the competitive playing season.


Football Agent Policy


Any agent desiring to contact a football student-athlete or the student-athlete's family must first register with the BYU Athletics Compliance Office. Agents are required to adhere to the Utah Agent Law, hold a valid Utah Agent License, and register with the NFLPA.

After registering with the BYU Athletics Compliance Office, agents may contact the Compliance Office to schedule in-person meetings with specific student-athletes. All meetings will take place on the BYU campus and must be scheduled in advance through the Compliance Office. Agent meetings and contacts (including phone contacts) are only permissible during the summer prior to the student-athlete's senior year and after the last regular season game (see below). Contacting juniors is not permissible. Agents should not send marketing materials of their services directly to the student-athletes; rather they are encouraged to send marketing materials for student-athletes directly to the Compliance Office. The Compliance Office will then provide the materials directly to the student-athlete. Finally, it is not permissible to contact BYU student-athletes before or after a game or practice. The Compliance Office appreciates agent cooperation with this policy and reserves the right to revoke privileges for failure to comply with the aforementioned expectations.

Time Period for Agent / Athlete Contacts:
Prior to the student-athlete's senior year (underclassmen) Not Allowed
During summer term prior to the student-athlete's senior year Allowed
During Fall Camp Not Allowed
During the academic year* Not Allowed
      *exception: after last regular season game, prior to bowl game Allowed
At bowl game site Not Allowed
After eligibility is exhausted Allowed

BYU Athletics Compliance Office Football Contact: Nate Burk


Agent Registration


Q: What forms must I complete to register?

A: Please complete and return the appropriate form from the below list. Please note that this list is not all-inclusive, and additional documentation may be required.


Football Agent Registration Form

NBA/WNBA Agent Registration Form